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U.S. Fighter Planes P-47 Thunderbolt

In The Mood

Flown by Capt Gerald Johnson

Capt Gerald Johnson P-47 Thunderbolt

One of five different P-47 'razorbacks' Johnson flew and the first 'Ace' from the 56FG. The art work is dirived from the popular Glenn Miller song. Johnson was credited with a total of 16.5 aerial and retired from the Air Force as Inspector General in September 1974.

In The Mood P-47 Nose Art Panel
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14.5"x40.5" $425.00


Flown by Col. Francis "Gabby" Gabreski

Col. Francis Gabby Gabreski P-47

Gabreski accumulated 28 aerial and 2.5 ground victories with Zemke's Wolfpack until Gabreski got too low on a strafing run on July 20, 1944 and fouled his propeller on the ground and finished the war as a POW earning him the title of the highest scoring ace of the European Theatre. Gabreski later became an ace in Korea flying F-86's.

P-47 Gabreski Nose Art Panel

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14.5"x40.5" $245.00

Hairless Joe

Flown by Col. David Schilling

Col. David Schilling

One of seven P-47's assigned to Schilling. He flew this aircraft the day he downed 5 enemy a/c 23 Dec. 1944 raising his final score to 22.5. "Zemke's Wolfpack" P-47's commonly painted the popular cartoon characters of Al Capp's "Dogpatch".

Hairless Joe

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20"x30" $225.00

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